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Primrose Valley is one of the most popular caravan holiday parks in the UK, consequently this page has more private advertisers than others. When you find a caravan that interests you, please remember to contact them direct and ask for their best deals.

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Your caravan description

Any pets or smoking

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4 Laurel Rise
2 Bedroom 6 berth
2 minutes from main complex

No pets or smoking

J16 Pine Ridge
3 Bedroom 6 berth
Fabulous Sea Views

No pets or smoking

75 Primrose Field
3 bedrooms, 8 berth

No pets or smoking

Pine Ridge D4
8 berth 3 bedroom

Smoking OK but no pets

Pine Ridge A34
8 berth 3 bedroom

Sorry no pets or smoking

Primrose Field 88
8 berth caravan
Just opposite the main complex

No smoking or pets inside

Primrose Field 59-60 & 81
3 caravans (two of them together).
Just opposite the main complex

Smoking ok, but no pets

Wild Flower Meadow 6 & 37
2 caravans with sea views
2 and 3 Bedroom

Sorry no smoking or pets

Pine Ridge G29 & Rose View A9
2 caravans with seas views.
One with balcony.

Sorry no smoking or pets

Rose Bank I4
3 Bedroom.
Premier Plus Location

Sorry no pets. smoking ok

3 Lakehill
3 Bedroom.
Premier Plus Location

17 Ash Grove
3 Bedroom 8 berth

No pets or smoking

F3 & E5 Rose Bank
2 caravans with 3 bedrooms

Pets & smoking ok

Suthers Letting Agents
17 caravans to let
Various locations and parks

Smoking & pets (please ask)

Rose View
Front row with great sea views.

No pets or smoking

63 Oak Meadow
3 bed,  8 berth
Quiet location.

No pets or smoking

J15 Pine Ridge
3 bed,  8 berth. Good location boasting great sea views.

No pets or smoking

K2 Rose Bank & Beech Rise E9
2 caravans. 1 with disabled ramp.
3 bedroom3

Smoking ok

A7 & A8 High Elms
2 adjacent caravans, each with 3 bedrooms and sleeping up to 8.

No pets or smoking

C31 Pine Ridge
Luxury 'cottage style' caravan with child friendly balcony.  3 bedrooms

Pets & smoking considered

35 Laurel Rise
2 beds, 6 berth. Located at main central area to clubs and shops

No pets or smoking

86 Primrose Field
6 berth, 3 beds

No pets or smoking

B8 Beech Riase
13 foot x 36 foot
2 bedrooms

No pets or smoking

H5 & I3 Rose Bank
2 caravan in close proximity

No pets or smoking

24 Willow Way
35 x 10 ft
6 berth, 3 bedrooms

No pets or smoking

Caravan on Willow Way

79 Oak Meadows
2 bedrooms, 6 berth

No pets or smoking

K2 Rose Bank & B9 Beech Rise
2 Caravans available. Passes provided.

Smoking OK but no pets

K9 Pine Ridge
Outstanding sea views

No pets or smoking

C25 High Elms
3 bedrooms, 6 berth. 
Personally managed by owners.

No pets or smoking


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