The virtual and mobile future of online gambling

Gambling trends of the future

The popularization of Internet a few years ago has given tremendous development opportunities for gambling – the industry is now generating vast part of its revenues online and considering the speed of technological development in the areas of mobile Internet and VR, the future looks quite interesting.

Recently, more and more people access the Internet using tablets and smartphones – a typical smartphone user in a developed country accesses the web even dozen or so times a day using his phone and because mobile devices are much more convenient and can be used anywhere, they are slowly but significantly changing people’s everyday lives.

The Mobile Gambling Revolution

Meanwhile, the standard online gambling may seem quite saturated – there are thousands of online casinos, fighting for new customers with the use of more and more aggressive marketing techniques and giving them more and more bonuses just get them to play.

If the two increasing trends – competition and growth of mobile Internet usage – are to be taken into consideration, it seems that the time for gambling companies to enter the mobile revolution is now perfect more than ever before; mobile is the future of the Internet and gambling industry has to follow on that trend – this is already visible in the rapid growth of mobile live betting markets and live casinos, easily accessible on smartphones. Official government statistics are very revealing as to the extent of the mobile trend.

The ease of Internet access anywhere has pushed many online gambling companies to develop mobile apps, which make it convenient to place bets or play favourite online casino games anywhere the clients wish to do so – while commuting, at work and even while resting on a sofa watching a movie or sports – people are much more willing to access the Internet on their smartphones while resting than on their laptops.

Apart from convenience, the mobile gambling apps can more easily hook the players, taking advantage of the push notifications and reminding them easily about the games. They are also conveniently accessible from the menu level of a smartphone, without the need to even turn on the web browser.

Although the pace at which the mobile gaming market is growing is quite staggering, the challenges of the mobile approach are still quite high. The biggest difficulty is the recreation of the same environment for the players that they know and have enjoyed over the last few years on their desktop devices, without cluttering the much smaller screen of a smartphone. Not all characteristics can thus be taken from desktop to mobile, but as the competition grows, more and more ideas and incentives for players will be developed and this problem will definitely be overcome.

Real Casinos in the Virtual Reality.

All that sounds very profitable, but this is just a tiny step compared to the next technological development that may be an even bigger revolution for online gambling than the Internet itself – the Virtual Reality. Although right now it’s just at the beginning of its introduction to the wider audience and it is more focused on long-time gamers, the first VR casinos have already entered the scene. The first players are more likely to experience them through browsers rather than Oculus Rift or other VR goggles, but the as soon as the VR goggles get popular, more advanced casinos will definitely be developed.

It is forecasted that the best clients for this new VR gambling revolution will be millennials – the most reluctant groups when it comes to typical casino games as they are more used to getting their adrenaline rush and endorphins from other, non-related to gambling games such as first person shooters.

This time, these habit of gaming will be used to the advantage of casino owners, as there are plans for implementing games that would require a bit of actual gaming skill, making it a completely new gambling experience, adjusted towards the new, more than ever demanding audience.

The mobile gaming sites and apps do their best to replicate the feel of a typical desktop gambling website, however, due to the difference in both screen size and the way of use, these two will differ – with mobile apps going towards personalization and convenience rather than gimmicks and attention grabbers.

Despite the fear of a saturation point, the online gambling industry keeps growing; the mobile part of it is what’s driving the growth right now, as at the current double-digit growth it is expected it will be responsible for 40% of all online gambling industry revenues by 2018. This has obviously come to the attention of the governments, many of which impose regulatory control and taxation, finally making the industry legal and compliant with their laws.

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