All You Need To Know About Poker

Poker 101: What you need to know about poker

People have different ways of spending their leisure time. Gambling is one of them. Some play chess, others prefer poker. Well there is always a misconception revolving around poker. However, poker is not a bad hobby. You only need to know the facts about the game before you start your poker career. Here is what you need to know.

The Cards

The recognized poker variants will only play with a single deck of cards. So in order to have a fair game, these cards should always be free from folds or any distinguishable marks. A player will have an unfair advantage if a “marked card” is in use. Whether you have a separate dealer or a player dealing the cards, it is a rule that you have the cards delivered in a clockwise motion.

Poker Hands

When you hold your own cards, that’s considered your Poker Hand. The entire game is aimed at making your hands the best around the table. There are two ways in which you can achieve this. The first one is to have the best hand that’s determined by set hand hierarchy. In this case, the highest ranked hand is the winner of the pot. The second way is by bluffing. This is making people believe your hand is the best.

Rules of Check, Bet & Fold

The poker rules of Check, Bet and Fold will help you know what to do when your turn comes. If no player has bet before you or if you are the first to go, there are two options to pick from

  • Check: This means that you don’t bet any more chips. You can pass to the next player.
  • Bet: You will put chips in the middle and be the standard setter for the next player.

Otherwise, if you are not the first player to go, you can consider any of the three options

  • Fold: This prevents you from matching the previous players bet and hand over your cards.
  • Check/call: You can call if a player has already made a bet and match the chips put in. You can also Check if there no bets met previously.
  • Raise to match the previous bets and then increase your bet with more chips.


It is normal to find a buy-in in a poker room. This is normally set at a minimum ten times the value of the maximum bet. For instance, if the minimum bet in question is $10, you will have to buy in with not less than $100. As the game proceeds, you may buy as many chips as you wish.

The online casino allows you to easily regulate the buy-in. However, things may be tricky when it comes to the land-based games. In this case, players must watch out for other players who don’t put the correct amount of chips when they are placing their bets. It may be hard to monitor especially when a player throws chips into the middle of the poker table.

Dead Cards

Although this does not happen often, there comes a time when a player does something that causes his/her cards to become “dead”. What this means is that the player is out of the hand. Being in this positions means you will need maximum concentration in order to redeem yourself.

This will occur when a player plays out of hand. This can refer to betting, raising or folding out of turn. Playing out of turn simply means that you are already making your intentions known to other players before the right time. Doing so can actually mess up the whole dynamics of the game.

So that said, you should consider doing more practice if you wish to be an expert. The more you play, the easier it will be to comprehend some of these rules. There are other rules that are based on good etiquette and basic common sense.

More rules can be found online.

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